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Alice Wheeldon: convicted of conspiracy to murder Lloyd George - 100 years on… can we clear her name?

To be held at the News from Nowhere* Club - Epicentre, West Street, Leytonstone E11 4LJ (LONDON)

7.30pm (buffet, bring something)

8.00pm Talk & discussion till 10pm & back to buffet

Speaker : Chloë Mason

100 years ago, Alice Wheeldon, Winnie and Alf Mason were imprisoned amidst international publicity that had made them instant “tabloid villains” since their arrest in January 1917. They had been set-up by undercover agents, posing as Conscientious Objectors. The family argued that the murder plan was fabricated. 

The family’s fate was used to intimidate others striving to avoid/stop war and to bring about a better world based on peace and social justice. This compelling story, a “spy story”, is one of tragedy, courage and hope.

Chloë, one of Alice Wheeldon's great grand-daughters , will discuss the campaign to clear their names.

*        ‘Fellowship is life and the lack of fellowship is death.’ – William Morris, 1887