Peter Mason - physics, radio broadcasts and contentious family history

He was a respected physics professor and radio presenter. But a painful family history was only revealed to his daughters just prior to his death in 1987.

On 5 August 2017, ABC Science Show broadcast a segment on Peter Mason including the Alice song by Robb Johnson.

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Robyn Williams introduction (1:53m)

and continuing in the segment on Peter Mason (17:15m),-radio-broadcasts-and-a-contentious-fami/8775646


Was an assassination attempt on David Lloyd George cooked up by MI5?

19 April 2007 Interview on Radio 4

Was an assassination attempt on David Lloyd George cooked up by MI5?

John Jackson recounts the story of an attempted assasination attempt (using a poisoned dart) on David Lloyd George in 1916 (references to such a plot, I cannot find anywhere) and brings in 'stitch up by the secret service', the Attorney General, the DPP, working together to suppress evidence resulting in the imprisonment of innocent people.


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Justice Committee Report released: 17 March 2015

The Parliamentary Justice Committee' verdict:
"We conclude that the CCRC is performing its functions reasonably well, and we have identified areas for improvement, but we were struck by the disparity between what critics believe it to be doing and what it claims that it is doing. At times there was complete disagreement, even on objective and factual matters. This indicates that at the very least the CCRC has a problem with public perception, including with the awareness of applicants as to what it can do for them and of all stakeholders, including applicants, their representatives, and others, as to how it operates. The CCRC will never convince its most vociferous detractors, but it could be doing more to ensure that its work and processes are well understood.

The level of successful referrals from the CCRC shows that it remains as necessary a body now as when it was set up. We received very little evidence advocating its abolition, and even its strongest critics have said that they simply want it to improve. The existence of the CCRC is not enough in and of itself; it must be given the resources and powers it requires to perform its job effectively. The fundamental constitutional principle on which our criminal justice system rests and which the Commission exists to uphold is that the guilty are convicted and the innocent go free."

Be bold and make more referrals, MPs tells cash-starved miscarriage watchdog. Read more.

The full report can be found here.


Deirdre and Chloë Mason to address Australian National Women's Library

The Alice Wheeldon Story: When Conscience Became a Casualty of War  

Deirdre and Chloë Mason tell how in 1917 their grandparents and great grandmother were convicted of conspiracy to murder the British PM, David Lloyd George. Activists and feminists, unaware until 1987 of their heritage, Deirdre and Chloë uncovered blinding prejudice against a woman who opposed War, supported women's suffrage and the right to refuse to bear arms.

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Time: 12:15pm-1:30pm Feb 20 Cost: $22/$16 Members incl sandwich lunch 
Venue: Southern Function Room, Town Hall House, 456 Kent Street, Sydney
Bookings: Jessie Street National Womens Library 02 9571 5359


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