“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere(Martin Luther King)

We are the great-granddaughters of Alice Wheeldon; Winnie and Alf Mason were our grandparents.

We have created this website as part of our campaign to clear their names so that history can record that what happened to them was a miscarriage of justice. The website has been built for us by friends and supporters, so please leave your details in our visitors' book and visit us again soon.

Deirdre Mason & Chloë Mason.

August 4th 2014  saw the beginning of an avalanche of World War One centenary events. The campaign to clear the names of Alice Wheeldon, Winnie and Alf Mason, instigated by the Derby People's History Group, is also gaining momentum and Deirdre and Chloë Mason (Alice Wheeldon's living descendants) are playing their part in Sydney, Australia.

The new edition of Sheila Rowbotham's book "Friends of Alice Wheeldon" was published in 2015. Chloë Mason ran a U3A course for the inner Sydney branch of the U3A entitles "The world is my country: the story of Alice Wheeldon 1866-1919".

The third part of Jeremy Paxman's BBC TV series Britain’s Great War, covered the Wheeldon story so this is an update on what we are doing now to clear their names.

In Sydney we both addressed the National Women's Library (the Jessie Street Library) to fill Australians in on this miscarriage of justice that occurred nearly 100 years ago.

We have instructed counsel in England who will be fully briefed to make application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) to request a review of the case with a view to having their convictions quashed. We are delighted that we have reached the stage where the material upon which the application will be founded is only weeks away from completion. This preparation has been only possible through legal research carried out by UNSW law students supervised by Professor Jill Hunter of the Law Faculty, UNSW. Their work, in turn, has drawn upon the mountain of expert material and family records and letters.


"Our quest for justice will not falter!"

David Crigman QC and Ben Williams

St Philip's Chambers, Birmingham


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